Hannah's page is a page on the document. She currently has many sections and a mascot, Beverly "Bev" Beaver.

News and UpdatesEdit

Hannah's first section is news and updates. She currently has updates in school and out of school. Also under that section are two videos: one for Bad Apple Oliver and one for Summertime Sadness Music Videos.

Featured God or GoddessEdit

As the title suggests, this section features 1 Greek God or Goddess every day or something like that. It usually alternates from God to Goddess.

Beverly BeaverEdit

Hannah's mascot is a beaver named Beverly, but she likes to be called Bev. She updates her document usually every day.

Quick PollEdit

Every day, new questions for a poll are listed under this section. People answer in the comments section. The poll questions are usually school, holiday, or random related. The results are revealed in the Poll Results section, which is right under the Question of the Day section. they are given as percents.

Question of the DayEdit

The Question of the Day section contains a question that is not supposed to be answered by using the internet. People either answer by commenting or just typing their name and their answer. The answer section includes the question, the answer, the person who got it correct, and what they won.


Underneath the last section might be extras, which is basically things that don't really belong anywhere else. These might include competition announcements, notes for people, or other things.


  • Hannah's Page is the 3rd most recent page, the 2nd is Ava's Page and the 1st is Jaclyn's Page
  • Her page is probably the most updated
  • Her page is 6 pages long