Jaclyn's Page is a page on the document. It is one of the most basic pages on the document and contains a mascot, Jaf the Duck.

Tip of the DayEdit

Jaclyn's Tip of the Day changes every day. It is usually funny but somewhat helpful, like don't fall asleep while studying science.

Jaf the DuckEdit

Jaf the Duck is Jaclyn's mascot. He was created by an evil toy maker but escaped. So for, Jaf does not have a blog.


Jaclyn will post YouTube videos on her page. Or, she will ask other people to post them. Either way, people watch them and comment about them.


  • Jaclyn's Page is the most basic page.
  • Jaf the Duck is the only mascot not to have a blog.
  • Jaclyn has one of the shortest pages
  • She has the most recent page