Kaitlyn's Page is an archived page on the Document. Basically, she no longer edits it. The page still says October 14th, 2013. Her mascot is Chicky Chicky Chickens.

News ColumnEdit

Kaitlyn's news cloumn used to just contain random news. Now, it contains news from 10/14/13.

Chicky Chicky ChickensEdit

Chicky Chicky Chickens is Kaitlyn's mascot. He is a chicken that has a chicken-themed company and his own currency. He is not exactly the smartest chicken, and according to him,

"Christopher Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in fourteen ninety two!"


  • Her page is the only page that is archived.
  • Her mascot has the most words in its name.
  • Kaitlyn's Page is the least updated.